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Newsletter - August 2018

Some of you may be familiar with Wise Woman Wellness and some of you may be familiar with Empowered Goddess.  I am excited to announce that Wise Woman Wellness has gotten a complete make over which includes a new name—Empowered Goddess.
So how and why did all this change come about?

My healing and teaching practice has always continued to shift, change, and grow over the past twenty-six years.  Change is a healthy constant and it has always been extremely important to me to provide empowering healing support built upon a strong foundation of impeccability, professional experience, and continued study.

From a technical aspect, an out dated and nonfunctional website and email system were the initial catalyst for all the changes.  Additionally, I was guided to sell my mountain based holistic healing retreat and learning center.  On a deeper spiritual level, the change had been rolling around in my head for a couple of years.  The work that I do has always been a calling, my life purpose, and passion.  I am in continual communication with my spirit guides and the universe has always powerfully supported my work.

Empowered Goddess was birthed from a place of open guidance through countless hours of meditation, dreamtime, channeled information, and vision quests.  The name is so fitting as it directly describes what I currently do within my healing and teaching practice.  I offer energetic healing, intuitive guidance, and spiritual support that empowers my clients and students to embrace their own individual internal healer and teacher.  

My area of specialization and expertise is in offering women a safe, nurturing, and empowered space of healing support.  I work with women in supporting a reclamation of their inner divine goddess—reclaiming their sense of self as sacred on all levels.  The evolution from Wise Woman Wellness into Empowered Goddess came through naturally with ease and peace.

It is with a great sense of honor and passion I will continue to teach and offer local healing sessions in the Denver metro area.  I am also very excited to share new Empowered Goddess E-books, videos, and audio meditations.  

Additionally, I will offer long distance intuitive card readings, long distance energy sessions, long distance learning, long distance mentorship, and holistic healing support tools to women that enlighten, enrich, sustain, and restore balance and well-being on all levels.  All of which bring about transformational life changes, whole healing, and a better quality of life.

Come explore the brand-new look, gorgeous website, blogs, empowering services, and healing support tools of Empowered Goddess.  Please visit the website,, to view exciting new offerings and services.  Check back often as Empowered Goddess continues to grow and I will also be adding new healing support offerings regularly.

Wishing you empowered healing now and always!
Rev Ann Rene
The Studio
The Studio
26 Uplifting Affirmations
7 Chakras Meditations
Guided Meditations

Empowered Blessings,

Rev. Ann Rene

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